Farnborough Helicopter Transfer and charter

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    Farnborough Airport is located to the South West of London and at the peak of London’s traffic can take as much as 1 hour 30 minutes to reach by car. However by Hiring a Helicopter to take you too or from your private jet this time is cut to as little over 18 minutes depending on the helicopter type.

    Farnborough airport is one of the most popular places to land a private jet when visiting London and this is due to its close proximity to London. Many people  Private Jet charter to or from Farnborough which can also be cost effective on occasions if there own aircraft is out of position.

    Helicopter charter from or to Farnborough into The London Heliport Battersea takes just over 18 minutes, providing a quick and effective method of travelling to London City.

    So when using Farnborough Airport we liaise with TAG Aviation to ensure we land and park the helicopter next to your private jet, avoiding any delays upon your arrival. Our team are on hand to give you the right advice, provide the correct helicopter whilst ensuring we remain at your disposal at any time of the day.

    So when your next considering traveling to and from London by private jet, please allow us to provide a helicopter transfer or helicopter hire price for your London transfers.