FAQ’s for Battersea Heliport

Why are helicopters not kept at Battersea,

Because space does not allow, the primary helicopters available to charter are less than 10 minutes away, this gives us not only an advantage being able to quote a lower helicopter flight cost to you but flexibility for your party if you run late so you avoid parking charges applied after 10 minutes.

Is Battersea Heliport really the only place to land a helicopter in London?

A. Yes and No, there is another location in East London called Vanguard, although it is limited to the type of helicopter. Battersea is the closest place to land or depart from in central London.

What are the permitted operating hours?

From 07.00 to 23.00hrs – 7 days a week

Can a single engine helicopter use Battersea?

Yes it can although its requirements are to have floats for commercial flights.

Can you park a car at Battersea Heliport?

Yes you can with a least 24hrs notice and a small charge is applicable

Can you film at Battersea Heliport?

Yes prior to notifying the heliport in advance and a charge is applicable.