Helicopter Hire Glastonbury Festival

Many clients missed Glastonbury last year due to the event taking a year off! However it’s back and it seems bigger than ever. Helicopter hire or helicopter charter to Glastonbury is an ever growing popular method of transport not just for the rich and famous. It provides a quick solution to arriving at Glastonbury without the worry of being stuck in traffic. We provide helicopter flights to and from Glastonbury throughout the whole festival and what a better way to depart London than by helicopter.

Battersea heliport is open from 07.30 – 21.45 so timings to suit your requirements, the flight time from London is usually around 45 – 50mins.

There are two heliports at Glastonbury these are Camp Kerala and Glastonbury Heliport, so if you are staying at Camp Kerala please let us know so we provide you with the correct costs

We can provide twin and single engine helicopters for your helicopter transfer to Glastonbury so why not give us a call today for a helicopter charter price 01737 823733

Just some other places to depart from near London

*Redhill Aerodrome*

*Elstree Aerodrome*

*Fairoaks Airport*

*Luton Airport*